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Sculptural Buccal Massage Training

This course is ideal for those who have received basic esthetician education and have an interest in offering non-invasive holistic treatments.

I always get messages "where to study this?"

I have created my own technique based on 3 completed professional training education and own experience.

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This is a 2 day immersive, 1:1 hands-on focused course to train you how to effectively perform sculptural & Intra-oral Massage, commonly known as Buccal Massage, which has become an in-demand service because of the immediate and cumulative results it provides. You will learn unique and highly efficient techniques of buccal and European massage, gua sha, & cupping.

What the program covers?

  • Lymphatic Drainage. You will learn how to perform manual lymphatic drainage PROPERLY.

  • Head & Neck. Without neck and head work, a facelift is impossible, as this is the framework of our face.

  • Face Tissue. Working at a deep level allows to relieve muscle spasms of the face and neck, restore cerebral circulation, prevent age-related decline of the facial skeleton and activate  the body’s self-renewal mechanisms, improving not only the aesthetic side of appearance, but also overall health.

  • Buccal/ Intraoral. You will learn how to work with the face from inside the mouth to reach muscles that are inaccessible from the outside.

  • Hands-on learning

  • Assistance with every movement

  • Training manual/facial anatomy

  • All consumables provided during the training

  • Snack & lunch included

  • Certification

DAY 1: one demo & one practice

DAY 2: OPTION "A" - two practices

            OPTION "B" -  one practice & one demo on your self performed by me (the best way to feel and understand on your self how the massage techniques works)

Course takes place, live and in person in Clearwater, FL . Course includes snack & lunch both days, gua sha and supplies needed for the classroom (massage table, gloves, skin care products, etc).

The training dates are set individually according to your calendar. (the time 9:30 am - 3:30 pm)


Full training cost is $1500 and a $200 deposit (non refundable) is required to reserve your spot.

Remaining payment balance is due start date. 

*Additional day + $600

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