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About ME

My Name Is Iulia Dogoter

I have always been a fan of everything natural.

I am originally from Europe.

I come from an art background, witch explains my love for doing makeup and expressing my self creativity through my sens of style.

I have been in the beauty industry since 2008 when I graduated from makeup school in Europe. Also this made me study how to take care of my face properly, I have collected skin care knowledge even before I got my license in Florida, USA as a FACIAL SPECIALIST.

I had studied to do self facial massage in different techniques. I combine advanced European esthetics with American standards of service and a deep natural approach.


2021- Academy/KO-SHA by Anastasia Talan - completion of the buccal, lift & sculpt and facial cupping massage training course.

2022- International Sculptural Face Lifting Academy by YAKOV GERSHKOVICH - fully qualified Sculptural Face Lifting (Level I)

2023- International Academy of Faceplastic Osteopathy by ALES ULISHCHENKO -

- Aesthetic face massage therapist.

 (Faceplastic face massage, Myofascial face, neck and decollete massage,

Sculptural & Buccal face massage.)

And numerous skin care continuing education classes in professional equipment/skin care line certifications.


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